Babbee™ Toddlers Protective Cushion

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Babbee™ Toddlers Protective Cushion offers effective protection against fall injuries.

Eliminate preventable injuries to the head and back using the excellent resilience of high quality cotton materials, providing excellent protection when the baby falls and effectively mitigating possible injuries that may occur during their playtime.


Eliminate And Prevent Head And Back Injuries

Designed to effectively reduce and mitigate any impact force on the baby’s head and back during accidental falls, Babee™ will surely keep you worry-free during their fun activities during the day knowing that they are secured while wearing Babee™

Carefully crafted using the best of materials, Babee™ is perfect for your baby’s fun activities during the day, and comfortable support during the night.

Manufactured using only high-quality cotton with breathable, soft material and great air permeability will ensure a comfortable experience for your baby while ensuring high level of protection is at place all the time.

Product Details

  • Applicable Age: 4-18 months old
  • Material: High quality cotton, breathable and soft material
  • Item Weight: 130g
  • Product Dimensions 11.8 x 3.9 x 7.1 inches
  • Batteries required: No

Keeping them safe during their playtime

More than 36% of all baby accidents are caused by accidental drop and falls which are preventable with the use of Babee™. Accidental falling can cause serious injuries to babies during their critical learning period so it is imperative that we safeguard them from irreversible and preventable head injuries.

With Babbee™, impact on the back side of the head is mitigated by the soft cushioning material.

Your Baby’s Guardian Angel

Secures your baby during their fun daytime activities and promote high-level of comfort and support to your baby at night time.

With Babee™, you will be worry-free knowing that your child is supported all throughout all day as we made sure that the design and aesthetics will keep them safe and secured even on their own while they are wearing them.

Extra level of Comfort

It is very lightweight and portable so much so that it only weighs 130g. It’s very light and does not put any pressure on the baby’s shoulder.

The Backpiece protector pad has unique and cute design that lets your baby go wherever he wants while keeping him protected.

Using only hypoallergenic fabric with tailored fit sizing will provide extra comfort, breathability and great air permeability.

Grows with Your Baby

The baby headrest cushion can be used as head pillow support while your baby is learning to walk and crawl which makes it an amazing companion that provides safety during the day and comfort during their sleep at night.

Cute Animal Cartoon Design

It comes with a very lovable design adored by babies which also doubles as a backpiece pad and a doll during their nighttime sleep which is very useful for new parents.

New parents will surely appreciate you for this getting this very thoughtful baby piece as a gift as most of our customers will consider having one as they are surprised to know that Babbee™ is already made available in the market.

Delivery of your Babbee

Dispatch time just takes usually around 2-3 business days. For all orders in the US, we are delighted to inform you that delivery is quick and received within 5-8 business days and 8-15 business days for other nations once they are dispatched. We work with major couriers and postal services worldwide to ship your orders, for example, USA (FedEx/USPS), Canada (Canada Post), United Kingdom (RoyalMail), Australia (Australia Post/Fastway), etc.

About Babbee™:

Our mission is focused in dedicating ourselves to ensure that we provide high quality products that promote your baby’s happy and healthy development while ensuring their safety during these critical periods of their growth. We made sure that only the best components are used and have tested them to provide you a high quality product that is safe to use even to the most delicate skin using hypoallergenic, soft fabric materials.

Babbee™ aims to promote security and protection for your little one during his playtime and to provide the highest level of comfort and support during their sleep at night.


1159 Reviews

Kathryn M.
Loved it, really. I know that many people own a new version of this, but I think this bee version is so cuter, and it’s really convenient when he just started crawling. Have lots of feedback. Highly recommended if you want an option to the bee version.

Gary P.
This package is fantastic and of high quality. I’ve never seen it before.

Charlie E.
It’s absolutely worth the investment! I had this because of my baby, who began walking very early and was sitting very early but was starting to tumble over. It goes so well if they trip and fall, they’re not even close to the floor, and they’re also cushioning their legs. It’s light so it doesn’t cause them fall back, and it’s super thick and supple, and the braces are elastic, making it easy for him to develop on.

Courtney M.
It’s soft and supple, but it’s gentle for a baby to land on. The harness in the middle prevents the shoulder straps from dragging on the arms. It’s bigger than I imagined it was, but the kid doesn’t seem to notice it. She knows how to sit down and falls over a number of times, but this backpack holds her secure. I’m really pleased with the order.

Gary W.
Great company … as my daughter sinks a ton trying to stand up and move. It saved her head from being banged on the floor. We love it!

Dorothy S.
Amazing product, looks and feels as advertised. Works great!

Laura H.
This is one of the best things that we have invested for our little one so far.

Diane P.
We just received ours in time and was perfect during our baby’s learning adventure in the day!

Jack B.
It’s super soft, but it’s comfortable so that a baby to slip on. The support in the front prevents the straps from pressing on the shoulders It’s larger than I imagined it might have been, but the child does not seem to notice it. She knows when to sit down and falls over but this bag holds her protected. I’m impressed.

Vinnie L.
Love this little thing!
New baby hasn’t used it yet, but it’s soooo adorable

Bernice R.
This item actually put my mind at ease while my child was focusing on sitting and standing up.

Kimberly M.
I love this little bee design. Not only will it work wonderfully, but it’s just unjustifiably adorable. I can’t see how beautiful my little one feels to wear it, so she likes to snuggle with it as well.

Mic C.
It rescued her more than a few times from our wooden floors, and it’s great to know that she’s secure when she falls. She’s sitting right there with a big smile on her face, and I’ve got a huge one.

Jane S.
High quality and fast delivery. Very recommended!

Pat G.
I was thinking of a gift to my sister when I came across this little cutie. They were excited to actually see their child using it.

Pearlie T.
Now I can do what I need to do while allowing her to wander off on her own without any worries of her being injured. This is a great product!

Sahu T.
Great for our girl, who is still struggling to walk and keeps her safe all the time.

Robert B.
Good for our girl who’s already learning to walk and helps her all the way.

Yvonne G.
Ergonomic chest strap. A little weighty, but a lot of padding. My almost 8 months old was trying to cross the floor, and he hasn’t quite perfected his landing yet. It makes me feel much better to realize when he falls back when standing that even the back of his head is covered. He won’t like it at first, because it doesn’t seem to be easing in. Durable and sweet.

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Additional information

Weight 208 g
Dimensions 21 × 18 × 4 cm

Yellow Bee, Pink Bunny, Golden Lion, Blue Elephant


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Babbee™ Toddlers Protective Cushion
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